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Image of recycled long life plastic benches and picnick tables

Picnic Table - Traditional Style 166 Series

Traditional wood and steel construction picnic table.

The 166 Series picnic table is our most popular and is available in a variety of colors and configurations. From the 100% recycled plastic seats and top, to the heavy duty steel frame, it is sturdy, durable, economical and extremely functional. Each table includes additional supports for the seats and top to accommodate the recycled plastic planking. Virtually maintenance free, this table will provide years of lasting service. The popular design allows for effortless slide in seating and easy mobility for lawn mowing and placement.

Style, Function, and Durability are what this table is all about. Learn about all the important quality features, and you will choose our table over any other! This sturdy table is designed to withstand commercial uses in all sorts of environments.

166 Series Tables available with Gray, Cedar, or Brown planking. Frame options include Black, or Hot Dip Galvanized. Custom colors are available on volume orders. Available in 6' and 8' lengths.


Stock Item Description Quan 1-5 Quan 6-15 Quan 16-30 Quan 31+
In Stock 6' Black Frame w/plastic planks $513.00 $487.35 $461.70 $436.05
In Stock 6' Galvanized Frame w/plastic planks $583.00 $553.85 $524.70 $495.55
In Stock 8' Black Frame w/plastic planks $730.00 $693.50 $657.00 $620.50
In Stock 8' Galvanized Frame w/plastic planks $820.00 $779.00 $738.00 $697.00
In Stock Wheelchair Accessible Black frame w/plastic planking $730.00 $693.50 $657.00 $620.50
In Stock Wheelchair Accessible Galvanized frame w/plastic planking $820.00 $779.00 $738.00 $697.00

Prices are subject to change without notice, call for most current pricing.

Please note: All benches are shipped unassembled to save on shipping costs.

Recycled plastic planking is flexible, therefore we add supports to our frames to reinforce the planks. Even with the supports, there will be minor "waves" in the plastic planks. In most cases, this is barely noticeable and in no way affects the usefulness, performance, or life expectancy of the table. These "waves" tend to be more prominent during extreme temperatures. Although it may appear to be warping, it is actually trying to expand or contract. When assembled properly, this is minimal if even at all.

Planking Colors


Picnic Table Frame Colors


Galvanized Frame Finish
Wheelchair Accessible

Picnic Table Frame Made of Structural Steel Tubing

The heavy duty frame is made of STRUCTURAL STEEL TUBING, not pipe. That means it is much stronger than traditional frames that appear to be the same. Our simple and unique support system reinforces the seats and table top, adding dramatically to the overall strength of the entire table. It's nearly abuse proof!

Curved leg bottoms permit MOBILITY, making mowing, placement, and repositioning possible.

Welded one piece end frames add STRENGTH and simplify assembly.

"A" frame underside enhances the table top weight capacity. There will always be those wild few who feel the need to hop onto the table top to cheer on their favorite team, or just be a clown. Our tables will handle much more weight and resist bowing or sagging from such activities.

The finish on the frame is TGIC POLYESTER POWDER COAT, not paint! This means you'll have a superior coating that will look new for many years to come. It's more durable than paint, and full 100% coating coverage is assured by the powder coat process, no bare or thin spots like painted frames. Simply stated, this is no ordinary picnic table!

Is your environment more demanding than most? You can opt for the HOT DIP GALVANIZED finish, ideal for harsh environments, or where placement may be on course or hard surfaces such as concrete patios or asphalt, or salt air is a factor. This hard wearing finish is applied after all fabrication and welding is complete to assure 100% coverage. This is also a recommended finish if the table is likely to be moved around frequently.

Why Not the Alternative Material Picnic Tables?

Wood - Rots, decays, requires maintenance, can split and splinter. It does not resist moisture or insects and can absorb stains and chemicals.

Aluminum - Lightweight, easily stolen. Dents, gouges, and scratches are usually permanent. It's often "cold" and uncomfortable to sit on.

Concrete - Is easily chipped, cracked or even broken. It is not mobile for relocation, and can cause harm if toppled.

Expanded/Coated Metal - Course surface not convenient for "passing" containers or food. Very poor writing surface for those wishing to do so. If the coating is breached, rust begins!