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Image of recycled long life plastic benches and picnick tables

Super Duty Walk Through Picnic Table

Walk through style super duty  picnic table made from recycle plastic.

On sale now! Only $749 each, any quantity. Limited time offer.

Standard or Wheelchair Accessible


Item Description Weight Quan 1-2 Quan 3-10 Quan 11-20 Quan 21+
24 4' Walk Thru standard table 302 $693.00 $658.35 $623.70 $589.05
26 6' Walk Thru standard table 360 $784.00 $744.80 $744.80 $666.40
288 8' Walk Thru standard table 460 $957.00 $909.15 $861.30 $813.45
286 8' Symmetrical 6' seats, ADA both ends 420 $899.00 $854.05 $809.10 $764.15
28 8' Non Symmetrical 8' seats, ADA 1 end. 460 $957.00 $909.15 $861.30 $813.45
  Permanent Mount Kit for Surface Bench 1.5 $46.00 $46.00 $46.00 $46.00
  Umbrella Hole (offset)   call call call call
  Umbrella (coming soon)   call call call call

Prices are subject to change without notice, call for most current pricing. 

Please note: All picnic tables are shipped unassembled to save on shipping costs.

Super Duty Walk Trough Picnic Table Sepcifications



Picnic Table Frame Colors


Recycled Plastic Planks and Legs

The 2"X 10" planking is 100% Recycled Plastic, which translates to a lifetime of MAINTENANCE FREE service! Imagine never having to paint or stain your seats and top again! We also offer this table with 3"x10" planking for maximum durability in tremendously rough service settings. (This option is only recommended where severe vandalism or theft is almost certain. See paragraph below regarding vandalism.)

"Slide in" or "Walk Thru" design legs allow EASY ACCESS to seating. No need to climb over the seats to sit at the table, and there is NO WASTED OR OBSTRUCTED SEATING SPACE. Translation? More people can enjoy your picnic! Because they are made of 100% Recycled Plastic, they will never rust, peel, or blister. Each leg is a one piece molded component, making assembling the table that much easier.

The recycled plastic planking is very RESISTANT TO VANDALISM ! It's is much harder to carve than natural wood. If it does become gouged or carved, it is easily repaired with a little heat and a blade such as a putty knife. If the vandals resort to markers or paint, it will not stick! The plastic resists such markings, and it will naturally flake off in a fairly short time. If it is truly offensive and you want to remove it quickly, simple household cleaners and a brush will whisk it away easily.

This plastic planking is also U V STABILIZED, meaning it will resist the effects of the suns harsh rays. This means the color will stay consistent for many years. It will only fade about 5% of its color every 50 years. Try that with paint or stain !

NO SPLITS OR SPLINTERS here ! Recycled plastic planks will simply not do that. No concern about injury from slivers or being pinched by splits in the boards. Safety and comfort are incorporated automatically with recycled plastic !

NO CHEMICALS TO LEACH OUT like that in treated wood. Feel safe placing your food on our tables, there's no dangerous arsenic, copper, or chromium in our recycled plastic planking!

It is also UNAFFECTED BY MOST CHEMICALS and SPILLS ! Whoops ! Someone spilled the catsup? A glass of juice? Somebody used it as a work bench? Not to worry. The recycled plastic resists staining from almost all foods and chemicals. Simply wash away accidents with soap and water.

NO INSECT PROBLEM here ! They just don't like plastic. Never worry about termites and other insects making a meal out of your picnic table.

Super Duty Steel Frame

The Super Duty frame is made of STRUCTURAL STEEL TUBING, not pipe. That means it is much stronger than traditional frames that appear to be the same. Our simple and unique support system reinforces the seats and table top, adding dramatically to the overall strength of the entire table. Welded one piece sub frame components add STRENGTH and simplify assembly. They also add tremendous resistance to abuse and vandalism. It's nearly abuse proof!

The finish on the sub-frame is HOT DIP GALVANIZED, not paint! This means you'll have a superior coating that will look new for many years to come. It's much more durable than paint, and full 100% coating coverage is assured by the hot dip process. No bare or thin spots like painted frames. Simply stated, this is no ordinary picnic table!

Is your environment more demanding than most? You can opt for the HOT DIP GALVANIZED finish, ideal for harsh environments. It is very good where placement may be where salt air is a factor. This hard wearing finish is applied after all fabrication and welding is complete to assure 100% coverage.

What Happens to Wood Picnic Tables?

rotted picnic table

Don't let this happen to your picnic table. Invest in a recycled plastic picnic table today and enjoy it for many, many years, maintenance free! Despite staining/painting, the table above rotted from the inside, out. Note the hazardous splitting of the wood, making this table not only uncomfortable, but even dangerous!