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Aluminum Picnic Table

Aluminum picnic table


Made from light weight and durable aluminum.

Ideal for those situations that require frequent mobility.

The 16S Series aluminum picnic table is a favorite among campgrounds, commercial sites, residential, and much more. It is available in two frame finishes, brown painted or galvanized. The heavy duty steel frame is sturdy, durable, economical and extremely functional. This table will provide years of lasting service with reasonable maintenance. The popular design allows for effortless slide in seating and easy mobility for lawn mowing and placement. This sturdy aluminum picnic table is designed to withstand commercial use and hold up to the test of time. All that, and virtually maintenance free when galvanized frame is opted for.


Description Quan 1-4 Quan 5-15 Quan 16-30 Quan 31+
Complete w/aluminum planks - painted frame, 6' $584.00 $554.80 $525.60 $496.40
Complete w/aluminum planks - painted frame, 8' $716.00 $680.20 $644.40 $608.60
Complete w/aluminum planks - galvanized frame, 6' $621.00 $589.95 $558.90 $527.85
Complete w/aluminum planks - galvanized frame, 8' $755.00 $717.25 $679.50 $641.75


 Prices are subject to change without notice, call for most current pricing.

Prices subject to change without notice. Call for complete quote.

Shipping and assembly not included.


Picnic Table Frame Colors



Galvanized Frame Finish
Wheelchair Accessible