Allen Ventures Inc.

Image of recycled long life plastic benches and picnick tables

From Landfill Waste to Outdoor Furnishings

In day to day life we don't put much thought into what happens to that plastic water bottle when we are done with it. Hopefully, the empty bottle makes its way to a recycling facility where it will be transformed into something else. So who uses this recycled plastic? I would like to introduce you to a relatively new concept. One where would-be permanent landfill waste becomes something that we want to have around for an eternity...

How about:

Picnic tables that will never rot due to moisture, fade due to sun light / chemicals and are unaffected by insects?

Park benches that never rust or need painting?

Landscaping timbers that are impervious to water, wet soil and most chemicals and in time, will outlast you and me?

These recycled plastic outdoor furnishings are expected to last well over a hundred years and most come with a 50 year warranty! Buy once and forget forever!

All of this is made possible by recycling those milk jugs, water bottles and other plastic containers for a truly 2-fold affect. Taking something as bad for the environment as eternal landfill waste and turning it into something practical, beautiful and ever-lasting as these recycled plastic products.