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Image of recycled long life plastic benches and picnick tables

Monster Picnic Table

Super duty steel and wood picnic table.

Heavy duty frame for rough service applications. Constructed using 2 3/8" schedule 40 pipe, this frame offers terrific strength and that "beefy" look.

These tables offer amazing strength and durability! This 2 3/8" Schedule 40 pipe frame mean there is ample sturdiness and added weight, providing security and longevity. This model is designed for easy slide in access and maximum seating space. Because the frame is Hot Dip Galvanized, frame maintenance is virtually non-existent! Available complete with seats and tops, or purchase the planking locally and save money.


Description Quan 1-4 Quan 5-15 Quan 16-30 Quan 31+
Frame only - painted 6' or 8' $254.00 $241.30 $228.60 $215.90
Frame only, galvanized 6' or 8' $311.00 $295.45 $279.90 $264.35
Complete w/wood - painted frame, 6' $369.00 $350.55 $332.10 $313.65
Complete w/wood - painted frame, 8' $410.00 $389.50 $369.00 $348.55
Complete w/wood - galvanized frame, 6' $411.00 $390.45 $369.90 $349.35
Complete w/wood - galvanized frame, 8' $442.00 $419.90 $397.80 $375.70
Optional pre-drilled add $15/table add $15/table add $15/table add $15/table


Prices subject to change without notice. Call for complete quote.

Shipping and assembly not included.




Galvanized Frame Finish
Wheelchair Accessible

Super Duty Picnic Table Frame - Monster Series

This picnic table frame is made of strong 2 3/8" Schedule 40 pipe. That means it is MUCH stronger than traditional frames. The "A" frame with center channel support system reinforces the table top, adding dramatically to the overall strength of the entire table.

The finish on the frame is HOT DIP GALVANIZED, not paint! This means you'll have a superior coating that will look new for many years to come. It's more durable than paint, and full 100% coating coverage is assured by the hot dip galvanizing process, no bare or thin spots like painted frames. This frame is ideal for harsh environments, or where placement may be on course or hard surfaces such as concrete patios or asphalt, or salt air is a factor. This hard wearing finish is applied after all fabrication and welding is complete to assure 100% coverage.