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Wood Park Bench

Wood park bench heavy duty frame and pllanks


Need an extra heavy duty wood park bench, but still economical? This bench is the answer! They offer such great features and strength at such a low cost. Sturdy, durable, functional, and simple to assemble. Can be ordered complete with the wood, or just the frames for added economy. The frame is made using 2 3/8" O. D. pipe, offering very heavy duty durability. It's versatility means you can use any size lumber from 4' to 8', making it adaptable to any space. The lumber comes ready to paint or stain so you choose the right finish to suit your environment.

These very heavy duty benches are sure to be a welcome resting spot. Perhaps it's because they offer such simple styling at such a reasonable price. Durability, function are both incorporated into this model. From it's super strong frame to the wide seating surface, it is a great choice for any environment.


Description Quan 1-5 Quan 6-10 Quan 11-20 Quan 21+
Painted frame - Surface $193.00 $183.35 $173.70 $164.05
Painted frame - In-ground 6' $176.00 $167.20 $158.40 $149.60
Galvanized frame - portable 6' $217.00 $206.15 $195.30 $184.45
Galvanized frame - In-ground 6' $196.00 $137.20 $176.40 $166.60
Painted frame - Surface w/wood 6' $239.00 $227.05 $215.10 $203.15
Painted frame - In-ground w/wood 6' $222.00 $210.90 $199.80 $188.70
Galvanized frame - portable w/wood 6' $263.00 $249.85 $236.70 $223.55
Galvanized frame - In-ground w/wood 6' $243.00 $230.85 $218.70 $206.55

 Prices are subject to change without notice, call for most current pricing.

Shipping and assembly not included.

Please note: All benches are shipped unassembled to save on shipping costs.


Bench Frame Colors




Galvanized Frame Finish
Wheelchair Accessible