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Image of recycled long life plastic benches and picnick tables

Picnic Tables

These heavy-duty recycled plastic picnic tables hold up under the most demanding conditions, and because they're made from recycled materials they are environmentally friendly. No need to paint, stain, or maintain these picnic tables year after year. Recycled Plastic will not split, splinter, rot, rust, or decay like wooden, steel or concrete tables. These picnic tables are also backed by a 50 year warranty*, which means you will never have to worry about them. Allen Ventures has a wide range of models, styles, shapes, sizes, and colors to fit any setting.

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We also offer picnic tables and park benches made from wood. To see these more economic models, click here: Wood Picnic Tables

Recycled plastic picnic tables are water proof, rot proof, fade proof, termite proof, resistant to graffiti, staining and vandalism!

Picnic Tables - Facts

- These picnic tables are Maintenance Free! No need to paint or stain, ever.

- Resists vandalism because they are more difficult to carve and graffiti from paint and markers simply washes away. If carved, they are easily repaired with simple household tools.

- Resistant to theft due to the fact they are heavier than standard wood or aluminum tables. "Branding" or engraving your ID is as easy in recycled plastic as wood for added security or advertising.

- Unaffected by insects, no termites here!

- Will not stain from common spills of food, beverages, or most chemicals.

- Environmentally friendly and can even be recycled again! Keeps plastics out of our precious landfills.

Picnic Tables - Common Materials - Issues

- Wood tables rot, decay, split, & splinter.

- Steel painted tables rust, peel, and may require maintenance.

- Aluminum tables dent, scratch, bend, and are easily stolen.

- Concrete tables can crack, chip, and break.


* Please ask for specific warranty for details about our products.